5 Areas in a Sporting Club to Have Professionally Cleaned

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5 Areas in a Sporting Club to Have Professionally Cleaned

Window Cleaning by South West CleaningSporting clubs are utilised around Bunbury and the South West through all seasons. From cricket, tennis and swimming in summer to football, soccer and hockey in winter, sport is a popular hobby for people of all ages.

If you own or manage a sporting club you may think that the cleaning is something that you and a few club members can take care of. While this may be true, to ensure your sporting club is cleaned to the highest standard and using the correct techniques, products and equipment it’s encouraged to invest in the services of a professional cleaning company.

Michael and the team of professionals at South West Cleaning have been servicing the Bunbury and surrounds area for over 10 years. Locally owned and managed, fully insured and safety conscious, South West Cleaning pride themselves on offering the best professional cleaning service possible.

Read on to learn 5 areas in a sporting club to have professionally cleaned:

  • Carparks
  • Change Rooms
  • Public Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Common Areas


You may think that as it is outdoors, a carpark wouldn’t have to be cleaned. However, it is a space to still have cleaned regularly. Dirt, sand, sticks and general rubbish can build up in carparks. If not removed, it can lead to blocked drains or other damage which may be costly to repair. 

Change Rooms

Sporting club change rooms are generally used by all members of a sporting club. To ensure the health and safety of everyone they should be thoroughly cleaned regularly including floors, seats, benches, lockers, showers and toilets.

Public Restrooms

Clean BathroomPublic restrooms at a sporting club should be cleaned regularly. Doing so can help prevent the spread of germs. Supplies such as toilet paper, soaps and paper towel should be replenished to ensure there is always an adequate supply available.


Kitchens are prone to drips and spills of food and drinks. The task of cleaning a kitchen in a sporting club can include, but is not limited to wiping over appliances, washing and drying dishes, cleaning benchtops, sweeping and mopping floors and emptying bins.

Common Areas

Many sporting clubs have common areas where members and supporters gather. Dirt, dust and food and drink spills can all accumulate on surfaces and flooring in common areas. A thorough professional clean will help to keep a sporting clubs common areas clean and smelling fresh plus is a positive for the health of everyone.

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South West Cleaning range of professional sporting club cleaning services includes regular cleans plus deep cleaning of carpets and floors.

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