5 Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Workplace Kitchen Clean

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5 Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Workplace Kitchen Clean

Office kitchenNo matter the industry, a workplace kitchen is one of the most used areas of a workplace. From storing food, to making cups of tea and coffee to heating food, most employees utilise their workplaces kitchen in some way.

To keep your workplaces kitchen safe and hygienic, it’s important to keep it clean. Read on to learn 5 simple cleaning tips to keep your workplace kitchen clean including:

  • Cleaning Inside the Microwave
  • Cleaning Surfaces
  • Avoiding a Smelly Bin
  • Keeping Glass, Mirrors and Windows Clean
  • Cleaning the Kettle

Cleaning Inside the Microwave

The inside of the microwave can become dirty with splatters of food. The best way to keep it clean is to wipe the inside after each use however if this doesn’t happen and you are left with a build-up of food splatters there is a way to help make it clean again. Simply place a bowl of either water and lemon juice or water and white vinegar in the microwave. Turn on your microwave and heat the water and leave the bowl inside for a few minutes. The steam will penetrate the built-up food, making it easy for you to simply wipe away.

Cleaning Surfaces

An eraser sponge is a great product to have on hand when cleaning a kitchen. It can clean stainless steel appliances, benches, fridge doors, tables and sinks without stripping the surface or leaving residue.

Avoiding a Smelly Bin

Food crumbs

To prevent kitchen bins becoming smelly, use bin liners. This helps to prevent food scraps and rubbish building up on the bin itself and makes it easier to dispose of the rubbish too. Regularly take the bin outside and hose down to give a thorough clean too.

Keeping Glass, Mirrors and Windows Clean

To remove marks and streaks on glass, mirrors and windows in the kitchen, use a fine woven microfibre cloth. A good microfibre cloth will not scratch the surface and will reduce the need for cleaning products.

Cleaning the Kettle

If not cleaned regular, a build-up of minerals can form in the bottom of a kettle. To remove this from your kettle, fill your kettle with water mixed with a dash of white vinegar. Boil the kettle and dispose of the water then re-boil with plain water and dispose of the water again.

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