5 Top Tips for Workplace Kitchen Etiquette

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5 Top Tips for Workplace Kitchen Etiquette

Most workplaces have a communal kitchen space for employees to use. To ensure your workplace kitchen remains clean and free from germs and bacteria, it’s important everyone plays their part and is respectful of this shared space. While basic workplace kitchen etiquette such as washing your dishes and putting rubbish in the bin may be obvious, other kitchen etiquette can be forgotten and habits from home bought into the workplace.

To maintain respect amongst employees and keep your workplace kitchen clean and free of germs, here is 5 kitchen etiquette rules to follow:

  • Wipe up any spills
  • Clean appliances after using
  • Remove items from the fridge
  • Be aware of allergies and odours
  • Replenish supplies when needed

Wipe up any spills

Coffee spilledWhether sauce on the bench or tea on the floor, any spill should be cleaned up straight away. Don’t forget to test the surface after you wipe it clean and if there is any residue, clean it again. Spills on the floor are safety hazards as they can cause someone to slip and fall, definitely not something you want to have happen to a fellow employee or you be responsible for.

Clean appliances after using

Appliances in a workplace kitchen can include a coffee machine, toaster and microwave. Each time you use one of these items, check it to ensure it is as clean (if not cleaner) than it was before you used it. Crumbs or splashes of food that are left in or around appliances can attract ants which is an invasion in a workplace kitchen you don’t want.

Remove items from the fridge

If using the workplace kitchen fridge to store your lunch or leftovers, don’t leave them in the fridge to spoil. The communal workplace fridge is used by everyone so only bring in the items you need to refrigerate that day and remove your items at the end of each day.

Be aware of allergies and odours

When using the workplace kitchen to prepare or heat food, be mindful of the health and comfort of others. Your favourite cuisine with a strong odour may not be suited to others tastes so it’s important to respect this. We all have different dietary requirements and allergies too. If you know someone in your workplace has an allergy, avoid bringing that food into the workplace and storing or preparing it in a communal kitchen.

Replenish supplies when needed

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If you see that a consumable in your kitchen is nearly empty, replace it or contact the person responsible to have it replenished. By everyone respecting this it will mean no-one will have to face the workplace kitchen to discover no tea, coffee, sugar, milk or serviettes.

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