Are Your Office Floors Screaming For A Deep Clean?

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The floors in your work space take a lot of traffic. Whether you work in an industrial environment and work boots are clomping mud and workshop debris all over the office floor, or a more formal office that sees a lot of movement and wear and tear from shoes, chairs and office equipment, chances are the most important surface of your workspace is in need of a deep clean and maybe even a facelift!

South West Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning options for even the grubbiest of floors; from areas that are seldom used and accumulate dust and grime to high traffic areas and customer service spaces. They specialise in deep, through cleaning of the following floor coverings:

  • Carpets
  • Vinyl
  • Tiles


Carpets are the worst culprits for hidden nasties. A carpet can look clean but underneath it is harbouring all sorts of grime and dirt, which bacteria and germs love to hide away in. Not to mention the smell of carpet that is repeatedly damp or soiled. Deep steam cleaning of carpets can not only remove these disease-causing bugs and smelly stains, but also prolongs the life of your carpet and increases the aesthetics in your workplace.

Take advantage of South West Cleaning’s large, industrial steam cleaners and advanced experience in deep carpet cleaning to get your workplace carpets clean and hygienic again.


South West Cleaning not only specialise in exceptional cleaning services, they can also strip and seal your vinyl floor coverings to rejuvenate the floor surface in your office or workspace. This procedure involves a large-scale removal of vinyl and re-seal, so it is best to do in a period of time, say Christmas holidays, when the staff are absent to minimise disruption, but it is well worth the time. Scuffs, bubbles, damage and discolouration are all removed in this process, leaving the floor looking like new for a fraction of the price.

South West CleaningTiles

A great, hard wearing alternative, tiles and their grout can often become discoloured and dirty in high traffic areas. South West Cleaning can give your tiles new life with their steam cleaners and specialised cleaning products, as well as buffers and polishes to bring out the best in these floor features.

Is Your Office Floor Screaming For A Deep Clean?

Just because it is underfoot doesn’t mean it needs to be at the back of your mind. Whether your workspace or office floors be carpet, vinyl or tiles, South West Cleaning has the experience and equipment to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.

For all of your office cleaning enquiries, call Diann on 9721 7486 for a free quote today. Book in now for all of your Christmas holiday break office cleaning now!