Cleaning Tips for Your Business Before Closing for Christmas Break

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Cleaning Tips for Your Business Before Closing for Christmas Break

office suppliesThe countdown to Christmas has begun with many businesses looking forward to taking time to stop, reset and reflect on the year that’s been while looking forward to the new year ahead.

If your business is closing for Christmas break or open for limited hours with less staff, you want to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy environment on their return.

Read on to learn some cleaning tips to put in place for your business before closing for Christmas break including:

  • Empty Bins
  • Clean out fridges
  • Clear workstations of clutter
  • Wash and dry all dishes
  • Ensure there are adequate supplies

Empty Bins

Emptying bins is a daily task in many workplaces, however a team effort before closing for Christmas is needed to ensure everyone’s bin has been emptied. A bin of rubbish whether that be at a workstation, kitchen, reception area, bathroom or meeting room is not going to be pleasant on return after a break.

Clean Out Fridges

Office kitchenLeftovers that you didn’t get to eat are going to become mouldy and smelly if left in the fridge longer than they should. Ensure all fridges in a workplace have been cleared and cleaned properly to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your return. Wipe over shelving and the doors in fridges to remove any food or drink spills.

Clear Workstations of Clutter

Returning to work with a clear mind can quickly become undone if you return to a cluttered desk. Take the time to clear your workstation of any rubbish and clutter. Ensure there are no dirty dishes on your desk or in draws and take time to do any filing, remove unwanted papers and tidy your workstation so you will return to a clutter free and clear work space.

Wash and Dry all Dishes

Dishes left unwashed in sinks can become a breeding ground for flies and even worse mice and rats. Yuck! Wash and dry all dishes before closing for Christmas and ensure the dishwasher has been emptied too. Ensure all dirty tea towels cleared and sent to be washed.  

Ensure there are adequate supplies

Cleaning Tips for Your BusinessA quick check of your businesses cleaning supplies will ensure you will return from a Christmas break knowing your stock on hand and what needs to be ordered. Check items such as paper towels, toilet paper, soap, dish washing liquid or tablets and hand sanitiser.

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