Cleaning Up After Summer Bugs

SpidersAs the days start getting a little cooler, the bugs are slowly starting to creep away to hibernate for the winter months. Whilst many businesses have taken measures to ensure their offices are bug free over spring and summer, the nests and remnants of dead bugs tend to leave a reminder of a particularly ‘buggy’ season. Build up of insect bodies, their excrements and their webs and nests can cause damage to your fixtures and breed bacteria; not to mention they look terribly unsightly and start to smell after a while.

South West Cleaning can assist you with all your office and commercial cleaning requirements, as well as deep cleaning all areas to ensure dust, grime and decaying insect remnants are safely and thoroughly removed. Whether you are seeking a one-off job to eradicate bug remains or a regular service to ensure your office stays hygienic and clean all year through, South West Cleaning are your experts in Bunbury.

Some areas that are often overlooked when it comes to deep cleaning after bug infestation include:

  • Window Tracks
  • Light Fittings
  • Exhaust Fans

De Cobwebbing

Window Tracks

When you are constantly opening and closing windows with tracks full of bug excrement, bodies and nests, you are not only damaging the frames but just grinding the residue into a fine dust that can be inhaled by your co-workers. Dead flies and dirt make for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and attract those longer-lasting spiders looking for a feast.

Light Fitting


Nothing screams dirty like a light tube, screen, panel or globe full of dead bugs. South West Cleaning stock all the most efficient tools to access these harder to reach fittings and remove the debris. The tops of light fittings that you cannot see will usually be the best place for grime to settle and bugs to get stuck as well.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans not only suck dust and excrement into the vent, but they store these allergens and germ carriers as well. Having your exhaust fans professionally cleaned will not only remove these illness-inducing issues but will protect the delicate mesh and small plastic parts. The blades inside these fans also need attention and South West Cleaning carry all the non-toxic cleaning products and equipment to get into these tricky areas efficiently and safely.

Who Can Assist Me With Spring Bug Body Removal?

South West Cleaning are your go-to not just for removal of spring bugs and their nests, but all areas of office and commercial cleaning. Specialising in the deep cleaning of carpets, tiles and floor coverings as well as all general office cleaning services, South West Cleaning are your local choice in reliable, professional cleaning services tailored to your needs. For a chat, call Diann on 9721 7486 today.