Deep Clean Your Office with South West Cleaning

OfficeRegular cleaning practices in the workplace are a fantastic way to keep illness at bay and maintain productivity. It also improves staff morale and offers a space you are proud to have your clients visit. Standard cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting and disinfecting is effective in maintaining office hygiene, however deep cleaning practices are extremely beneficial to remove the bacteria and dirt you cannot see.

South West Cleaning are your local professionals in all areas of office cleaning. They specialise in:

  • Vacuuming, mopping and dusting.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of desks, benches and counters.
  • Cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
  • Changing of bin liners and disposal of rubbish.
  • Cobwebs, exhaust fans and seasonal cleaning jobs.
  • Stain removal, emergency spills, antibacterial and mould treatments.
  • Carpet cleaning, chair cleaning, tile cleaning, window and glass cleaning.

With specialised equipment and training in deep cleaning practices, South West Cleaning can also attend your office or commercial property and clean and maintain:

  • Carpets
  • Windows
  • Appliances


Clean carpets not only look professional but regular cleaning will protect the indoor air quality and prevent the build-up of bacteria and allergens in the carpet fibres. Having your carpet steamed cleaned regularly will remove all the residual dirt and grime which may cause premature wear on your carpets, especially in heavy traffic areas.


So often overlooked until they become completely opaque with dirt and grime, clean windows are essential to a commercial property’s façade as they portray an image of professionalism and effort to your client base. Whether they be small windows inside the building or huge shop front glass, professional window cleaning is invaluable in saving time and effort, as well as making your property look amazing.


South West Cleaning will tailor a cleaning package for your work space, including specialised appliances such as fridges and microwaves. These storage and food prep areas harbour significant amounts of leftover foods and are one of the most significant germ and bacteria breeding grounds in an office or commercial building, due to the reluctance of anyone to take time out of their work day to thoroughly clean them.

Diann cleaningWho Can Assist Me With An Office Deep Clean In Bunbury?

The staff at South West Cleaning are extensively trained in stain removal, emergency spills, antibacterial treatment and mould treatment, as well as standard cleaning practices and deep cleaning treatments. They will recommend the best cleaning practices for each client and work with you to arrange convenient and affordable cleaning solutions for your office or commercial property.

Whether you are looking for a basic office cleaning or one of our specialist treatments services – don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Call Diann at South West Cleaning on 9721 7486 for a free quote today.