Easy Ways To Keep Your Office Clean

office cleanKeeping your office space clean is not only a guarantee for productivity but can improve staff morale and keep your co-workers from getting sick. You spend a great deal of time in your office environment and keeping it clean and tidy is essential for effective work practices, not to mention a degree of hygiene and cleanliness is considered an occupational health and safety requirement in all Australian workplaces.

At the end of the day, work is where you complete your employment tasks and unless you are the office cleaner, attending to cleaning tasks is not your primary concern. Carpets and mats that host frequent traffic, nooks and crannies behind desks and even keyboards and phone screens are homes for all kinds of bacteria that can play host to infections and disease and keeping these areas generally clean is beneficial to workplace health., however usually left best to professionals.

South West Cleaning are your premium choice in office cleaning in the South West, with years of experience and a superior reputation for customer service and exemplary results. Engaging the services of a professional office cleaner, such as South West Cleaning, will ensure your office is hygienically clean when you can’t get around to the bigger jobs.

Some tips to keep your office clean in between commercial cleans are:

  • Empty the Bin
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Eat Elsewhere

Empty the Bins

With paper not being the only waste placed in many office bins, these small receptacles hidden under desks can be a breeding ground for vermin. Food waste and other bacteria can accumulate in office bins and if they are not regularly emptied, can spread all sorts of germs.

Wash your Hands

Washing of hands with soap under running water80% of infectious diseases are spread by poor hand hygiene. Encourage your workmates to embrace hand-washing and make sure you are adhering to high personal hygiene standards as well by washing hands after using the toilet and after sneezing or coughing.

Eat Elsewhere

Everyone is time poor and lunch and snacks are often eaten at the work desk to save time on allocated breaks. Food particles drop onto desks, keyboards and phones, leading to bacteria growth and a haven for breeding germs. Get out into the fresh air with your lunch and keep your workspace clean for longer.

Who Can Assist Me With Professional Office Cleaning?

For professional and efficient cleaning services for your work spaces, whether it be regular cleaning arrangements or one-off jobs, South West Cleaning offers tailored cleaning schedules and services to all businesses in the South West. From vacuuming and mopping to stain removal and antibacterial treatments, South West Cleaning can assist with keeping your office clean and professional on a regular basis. Call Diann at South West Cleaning on (08) 9721 7486 for a free quote today.