Employee Etiquette to Keep Your Office Clean

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Employee Etiquette to Keep Your Office Clean

Many people spend just as much, if not more, time at their workplace as they do at home. While we all have different standards when it comes to what is tidy and clean, it’s important all employees know the basic etiquette required to keep an office healthy and comfortable for everyone. While to some people this etiquette may come naturally, many offices choose to remind employees of expected etiquette by placing signs in kitchens, bathrooms and on noticeboards.

Read on to learn 5 areas or items in an office that employees should be encouraged to keep clean including:

  • Workstation
  • Desk
  • Trip Hazards
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens


Office Computer Keyboard Mouse and PhoneAn offices workstation can vary from having your own office to sharing an office to having a portioned or open plan cubicle. Your workstation should be kept clean and tidy including emptying bins daily. If you eat at your workstation, be sure to clean up any spills straight away to avoid stains. Crumbs left on the floor can attract ants or even worse mice so should be vacuumed regularly.


Many office desks are on display for others to see including fellow employees and visitors to your office. Keep your desk tidy and clear of clutter. File papers and folders when not being used and use your desks drawers to store items that aren’t needed such as stationery.

Trip Hazards

For the safety of everyone, be aware of any trip hazards around your workstation and desk. Chords should be kept neat and not left on the floor or around your desk or any walkways. This also applies to other trip hazards which can include trays, boxes and bags.  


Clean BathroomEveryone likes using a clean bathroom. If needed, use the air freshener and hand towels provided. Ensure you dispose of paper towel in the bin and if the bathroom is running low on supplies such as soaps, toilet paper or paper towel, let the necessary department know to have these replenished.


Kitchen etiquette in an office should cover the basics of cleaning up drips or spills of food from both surfaces and the floor. If using the kitchen fridge to store food, clean this out of the fridge before it spoils. Wash and dry the dishes you use and put them away.

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