How Can I Get My New Office Space Cleaned?

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It’s an exciting time moving into a new office space.  Whether you are moving up in the world, by branching your small business out of your lounge room and into a professional office space or moving your not-so-small business into a larger, more functional building for your growing staff; when you move into a new building, you expect it to be clean. If you’ve had an existing office space you will have had to leave it clean, presentable and possibly have the fitting remove to leave it in its original condition; unfortunately not everyone has the same considerate when vacating a premises. Or maybe it hasn’t been tenanted for quite some time. Regardless of who was there before you, the space now has to be inspected and cleaned before you can take occupancy.

Things to look for when inspecting your new office premises include:

  • The Carpet
  • Water Damage
  • Amenities
  • Windows and Doors
  • Pest Control – mice, cockroaches etc

The Carpet

Depending on the type of space you have leased or purchased, the flooring will be in relative condition. Don’t take your floor coverings on face value, get down and check them closely. Check for any damage, water marks or areas that have come away from the skirting. Consider getting carpets, tiles and linoleum steam cleaned professionally to be sure you don’t have any nasties or bad stains that may become an issue down the track.

Water Damage


The damage leaking water does to the inside foundations of supporting walls of a building cannot be seen easily, however there are telltale signs that there may be a problem.

  • Mould and mildew accumulating on the wall, usually down low and in corners in rooms neighbouring a wet area
  • Bubbles appearing in paint work
  • Rust on and around door frames

It is highly advisable to call a licensed plumber to rectify this situation promptly and get your cleaner to use their expertise and industrial equipment to remove the mould and mildew.


Toilets, sinks and change rooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria and grime if not cleaned properly and sanitised professionally. Give these areas an industrial clean before you and your staff moves in to ensure they are content with the state of the amenities.

Windows and Door Frames

Windows and doors are typically the face of your business and the first thing potential and existing clients will be your front door and adjoining windows. Sparkling clean glass and well-maintained frames portray professionalism and sense of respect for the property, which has a flow on effect for both staff and customers. South West Cleaning carry out  a range of specialised equipment and products to bring life back into even the grimiest of windows.

cleaning toolsPest Control

Have mice, cockroaches and other vermin been living on your premises rent-free? Whilst you may have effectively eradicated the unwanted co-tenants from the property with the help of pest control, their droppings and general impact leaves a terrible smell and mess.  Soap, water and a vacuum cleaner isn’t going to cut it; you need a professional cleaning team for this one, both to get your office space smelling lovely and to stop more pests from moving in.

How Can I Get My New Office Space Cleaned?

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