How Dirty Is Your Business Bathroom?


Thinking about a dirty bathroom is enough to make anyone shiver. So when we are eating out or using any kind of public bathroom space, the presentation of the bathroom is fundamental not only for presentation but also to help stop the transference of germs and bacteria.

If you gave some thought to your bathroom how clean do you think it would be? You may not be able to control the hygiene aspects of every customer that visits your rest room but have a hygienic shared service for all to use will certainly have a positive effect on all who use the space.

Areas Of The Bathroom To Keep Maintained

  • Sanitization
  • Floors
  • Rubbish Reciprocals
  • Toilet Bowls
  • Counters and Taps


Facilities for female sanitary disposals such as bins that get collected by companies such as Cleanaway. Having the offering of disposal bags for sanitary items can help with unpleasant smells. Handwashing soaps of antibacterial products and appropriate hand drying reciprocals.


Traffic is trudged in and out throughout the day bringing in all sorts of dirt, and this too should be cleaned thoroughly with a good antibacterial floor cleaner, paying close attention to behind toilets and under items on the floor surface.

Rubbish Reciprocals

Rubbish bins should be emptied regularly and monitored for overflowing, when paper towels are being used this can look very untidy when a bin is full.

Toilet Bowls

There are many aspects to a toilet facility that should be kept clean with the bowl itself, these would include the underneath of seats and any part of the bowl that you can see under this area, the cistern, paying close attention to the flush buttons, when cleaning the bowl inside and outside not forgetting around the back of the bowl, tap, dusting the edge of tiling and any shelving that may be in the cubicle.

Counters And Taps

Where hands get washed dirty water can be splashed onto counters and taps are the first thing that meets people’s hands, so paying attention to washing over these areas and around the base of taps will help stop bacteria breeding.

When It Comes To Business Cleaning

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