How to Enhance the Colour and Shine of Workplace Hard Floors?

How to Enhance the Colour and Shine of Workplace Hard Floors?

Sealing Commercial FloorsA hard floor with damage and scuff marks can appear dirty and become a tedious and time-consuming task each day trying to make them look clean and shiny. A guaranteed way to keep hard flooring in your workplace looking like new is to ensure they maintain their colour and shine. Clean, bright and shiny flooring will instantly improve the overall appearance of a workplace.

A guaranteed way to enhance the colour and shine of your workplace floors is to have them stripped and sealed regularly. Read on to learn what is involved in having your workplace floors stripped and sealed including:

  • Preparation
  • Stripping the Floor
  • Sealing the Floor


Before your floors are stripped and sealed, correct preparation is a must. Preparing to strip and seal your floors includes good ventilation and ensuring all furniture is moved and the floor has been thoroughly cleaned of any dust, dirt and debris. The correct tools need to be on hand ensuring the correct clothing, equipment and machinery.

Stripping the Floor

When having your hard floors stripped, the best stripping product to use will be determined on the type of floor you have. If the wrong product is used, it can cause damage to the flooring. Stripping the floor will remove embedded dirt and scratches from the surface and create a base for the next part of the process.

Sealing the Floor

Vinyl floor strip and seal jobSealing the floor (also known as waxing) involves using a suitable product and a buff and polish floor machine to finish the flooring. Once this sealing step has been complete, you will be amazed at the colour restoration and shine. Sealing the flooring has other advantages too including providing an extra layer of protection to flooring to help prevent further damage.  

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