How to Keep My Workplace Carpets Clean?

Vacuuming the carpet

How to Keep My Workplace Carpets Clean?

Keep Workplace Carpets Clean by South West CleaningOne way to ensure your workplace presents well is to ensure the floor coverings, such as carpets, are clean. Not only are clean carpets essential for the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors to a workplace, but carpets that have been cleaned thoroughly will stay looking like new for longer.

Looking for the best ways to keep your workplaces carpets clean? Read on to learn more including:

  • Use the right vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Remove stains when they first appear

Use the Right Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to carpet cleaning, different types of vacuum cleaners are suited to different types of carpets. Plush or wool carpets can hold dirt more than nylon fibre carpets. Ensure your vacuum cleaner is heavy duty enough for your type of carpet to effectively remove dirt without causing damage. You may find a stick or handheld vacuum is suitable to clean up crumbs or sand that accumulates in smaller areas such as entrances and exits however a barrel vacuum cleaner is more suitable when vacuuming large areas of carpet.

Vacuum Regularly

When vacuuming, ensure you vacuum slowly enough to remove as much dirt as possible. You may need to vacuum over some areas, such as those areas with high foot traffic, more than once. The more often dirt is removed from carpet, the less dirt builds up, helping keep your carpet cleaner. Don’t forget areas such as a below skirting boards and around furniture that a vacuum may not be able to get right to. To ensure your vacuum is operating effectively, clean filters and empty bags regularly.

Remove Stains When They First Appear

Dirty CarpetDepending on your industry, a workplaces carpets can be prone to spills causing stains. The sooner you act on removing a stain, the less chance it will cause permanent discolouring. The longer a stain stays in a carpet, the harder it is to remove. Some stains, such as food and drink, can be removed using plain water and pressing a clean, dry, white cloth over the stain to absorb the spill. This is dependant of course on what was the stain is therefore each stain may need to be treated differently.

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