How to Keep Your Businesses Restrooms Clean?

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How to Keep Your Businesses Restrooms Clean?

Clean BathroomDepending on the industry, many businesses restrooms are available for not only employees to use, but visitors and customers too. While there is bathroom etiquette that we assume everyone will adhere to such as flushing the toilet after using and putting paper towel in the bin, it is important to ensure your businesses restrooms are clean and sterile. Doing so is imperative to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing plus will ensure a positive impression of your business. 

Looking for ways to keep your businesses restrooms clean and sterile? Read on to learn 3 ways including:

  • Regular Checks and Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Using the Correct Cleaning Products

Regular Checks and Cleaning

Business restrooms should be checked regularly throughout the day. Have a system in place of what must be checked such as supplies of toilet paper, soap, air freshener and hand towels. Restrooms must be cleaned effectively each day including toilets, basins, taps and surfaces. Doing so will ensure the toilets are clean and sterile plus eliminate unpleasant odours lingering.

Deep Cleaning

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Restrooms should be regularly deep cleaned too. What is the difference between daily and deep cleaning? A deep clean involves washing the walls, tiles, vents, fixtures and fittings plus a deep clean of the floors. While these tasks may be part of your daily clean, a deep clean involves spending more time on each of these tasks to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Using the Correct Cleaning Products

While a restroom may look clean, unless the correct cleaning products are used it may not be disinfected and sterile. Toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria and nasty viruses such as tummy bugs can be transferred from one person to another in a restroom that has not be disinfected and cleaned correctly. Using the correct products also includes having the best cleaning clothes, toilet bowl brushes and floor mops. When not being used, cleaning products should be stored correctly.

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