How to Keep Your Workplace Fridge Clean and Healthy

Workplace Fridge

How to Keep Your Workplace Fridge Clean and Healthy

Most workplaces have a communal fridge for employees to keep food and drinks cold. As a fridge is storing items we eat and drink, it’s important to ensure it is kept clean to ensure the health and safety of everyone. It’s inevitable that a fridge will become home to some drips, spills and splatters from food and drinks. If these are not cleaned up regularly, they can become rotten, smell and worse still your fridge can become unhygienic and even mouldy.

Read on to learn 5 ways to keep your workplace fridge clean and healthy including:

  • Clear out food items regularly
  • Wipe down shelves
  • Remove and clean trays and crispers
  • Check the temperature controls
  • Keep the outside of the fridge clean

Clear out food items regularly

Office kitchenHave fridge etiquette in place that employees don’t leave spoiled food and drinks in the fridge and if there are any spills or crumbs left behind from their items, clean them up. On a regularly basis, completely clear the fridge so it can have a thorough clean. Before doing this, let employees know to remove any items from the fridge by a certain date or they will be disposed of.

Wipe down shelves

Wipe down the shelves of the fridge regularly with a mild detergent and water. Be careful if the shelves are glass that they don’t break and never use any harsh chemicals when cleaning your fridge. If there is a lingering bad odour in your fridge, use natural ways to eliminate these.

Remove and clean trays and crispers

Remove any trays and crispers that can be removed. Use warm water and a mild detergent to wash and clean the trays and crispers. Dry thoroughly then return in their correct place in the fridge.

Check the temperature controls

Workplace FridgeCheck the temperature controls on your fridge are set correctly. This will ensure the right temperature is set to keep food and drinks chilled to the right temperature.

Keep the outside of the fridge clean

Don’t forget the outside of the fridge too. Wipe over the top of the fridge plus the door and handles. Ensure any stains are removed and the outside is as clean and sparkling as the inside.

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