How To Maintain Clean Office Carpet?

carpetFirst impressions are important for your business and you only get one chance at making a first impression. Floor space is one of the prominent and biggest areas in most offices. No one wants to walk into a room where carpets are stained and dirty; they will think that your company neglects cleanliness and don’t care about the surroundings.

Over a period of time, dirty shoes, equipment spills, animal stains and general traffic over office carpets will make them look faded and a home for dust mites and other nasties. Consistent maintenance and care may be time consuming in the short term, but is significantly cheaper than repairing or replacing carpet that has not been cared for properly.

How to help keep your office carpet clean

Preventive measures have a notable role in keeping your carpets in optimal condition and avoid potential damage. Small changes now will prevent big mess later, try some of these ideas.

  • Outdoor mats at entry doors
  • Use rugs in high traffic areas
  • No dragging of equipment over the carpet
  • Keep food and drink in the kitchen
  • Frequent carpet cleaning

Outdoor mats at entry doors

Outdoor mats are prone to dust, dirt and other debris as people wipe their shoes as they come in. It should be durable and tough enough to withstand this daily occurrence but easy enough to drag outside for a quick beating every now and then.

Use rugs in high traffic areas

The most common area for office workers to converge are hallways, foyers and conference rooms. Rugs are the prime choice for high traffic areas and can be a focal point that is changed to suit the season. Carpets can be prone to daily wear and tear so make sure to place rugs in strategic places.

No dragging of equipment over the carpet

Whether you are rearranging furniture or moving office equipment over the carpet, use a trolley and lift the furniture or equipment. This will prevent damaging the padding under your carpet and prevent rips, tears and stretching of the top layer.

Keep food and drink in the kitchen

Food and drink spills are one of the toughest problems to deal with and can put your carpets at serious risk of long-term damage. Having a specific area or eating zone inside the office can help prevent spills over your carpets. If possible, apply a “No Food or Drink” policy while inside the office.

Frequent carpet cleaning

carpet cleaningCarpets should not be neglected as clean carpets not only look professional but regular cleaning will protect the indoor air quality and prevent the build-up of bacteria and allergens. Having your carpet steamed cleaned at least twice a year will remove all the residual dirt and grime which may cause premature wear on your carpets and that contribute to strange smells which accompany so many stuffy offices.

How to maintain clean office carpet?

Follow the above suggestions and preserve your carpets with regular cleaning. Your office carpets are a very dominate feature of your office and it will look like new for longer and enhance the appearance of any office space. Need help? Call Diann at South West Cleaning on 0412 270 102 for all your carpet cleaning needs.