How to Reduce Your Staff Getting Sick at Work

Dirty office makes you sick

How to Reduce Your Staff Getting Sick at Work

Working close to others in work spaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria so it is of importance to keep good staff hygiene habits from separate communal staff areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms with adequate wash rooms.

Maintaining a good scheduled cleaning regime will also keep those bugs at bay and get rid of any that may be around too.

Germs are unseen so when things look clean we can think we are safe when they could be harbouring some nasty bugs. Organising a professional cleaning company will ensure that certain areas are given attention to detail to help protect your office space.

The most important areas to be cleaned?

  • Kitchen Areas
  • Office Equipment and Furnishings
  • Toilet / Wash Areas
  • Air conditioner / Heater filters

Kitchen Areas

Kitchens are one of the busy communal areas of an office, it is a good idea to have an separate meals area away from desks so not harbour too many food sources throughout the office space.

Office Equipment and Furnishings

Office equipment and furnishings are in contact with all walks of life throughout the day so to help keep hygienically clean surfaces, having these surfaces wiped over on a regular basis will promote a healthy environment.

Toilet/Wash Areas

Another area in the office that is commonly used is the toilet and wash areas. General up keep of these areas is important as to not cross contaminate to the other areas.

Air conditioner / Heater filter

Air conditioners and heating filters are a great source for collecting dust and some airbourne bacteria that could circulate through the office space causing illness that isn’t necessary. Having these cleaned throughout the year will promote fresher air throughout.

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