Important Health Advantages Of A Professionally Cleaned Office

A clean workplace has both physical and mental health advantages for you and your employees, but what exactly do you consider to be clean? Most people consider clearing away clutter, putting rubbish in the bin and dishes in the dishwasher means an area is clean, however this is not true. These tasks are simply tidying up. For a space to be clean, it must be washed thoroughly with the correct products making it sterile and free from any dirt.

While a professionally cleaned space looks lovely and inviting, there are many health advantages too. Read on to learn the important health advantages of having your office professionally cleaned including: 

  • Less Germs
  • Improve Safety
  • Keep Pests Away
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Help Hay Fever Symptoms

Less Germs

Office desks, kitchens, bathrooms and meeting rooms can be breeding grounds for germs. A professional and thorough clean is one of the best ways to make sure all surfaces and floors are cleaned correctly. The more thorough the clean, the less germs and the less chance of employees becoming unwell.

Improve Safety

For an area to be cleaned thoroughly, it must be free from clutter. Having a regular cleaning service at your office is a great reason to encourage employees to ensure their workstation, including the floor, is free from clutter. A floor filled with clutter is a trip hazard, so having this area cleared regularly minimises the risk of falls and in turn improves safety.

Keep Pests Away

Food scraps, spilt drinks and crumbs are common culprits to attract pests to your office. These pests are not only ants, but mice and rats too. Eeekkk!! If rodents enter your office, they can cause costly damage to wiring and equipment and spread nasty diseases.

Lower Stress Levels

A clean office will promote a sense of calm and can help lower employees stress levels. Employees feel calmer when working in a clean environment, helping them to stay focused and productive. The lower employee stress levels, the higher staff morale.

Help Hay Fever Symptoms

Spring is notorious for being hay fever season, with many people suffering from symptoms including sneezing, itchy eyes and a blocked nose. Pollens and grass seed can hide in carpets and furniture, increasing the severity of hay fever. Having your office professionally cleaned can help to reduce these symptoms by ensuring all allergens are thoroughly removed from carpet and furniture.

Food crumbs

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The team of professionals at South West Cleaning have been servicing the Bunbury and surrounds area for over 10 years. Locally owned and managed, fully insured and safety conscious, they pride themselves on offering the best service possible.

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South West Cleaning offers a range of commercial services including:

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  • Chair Cleaning
  • Bathrooms / Toilets
  • Carparks / Entrances / Entry Ways

Whether you are looking for general office cleaning services, day to day cleaning or ongoing window and floor cleaning, South West Cleaning can tailor a service to suit your needs.


Our team of quality and reliable cleaners have been working in the Bunbury area for over 10 years.

South West Cleaning is a locally owned and managed business run by people who care about your cleaning needs. Importantly, we are a fully insured and safety conscious company with competitive rates.

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