Keep The Germs Away In Your Office This Winter

Diann cleaningAre your office staff succumbing to the dreaded early winter lurgies? Have you got half your workforce absent due to colds, flus and viruses that dominate workplaces in Winter? Not only does sickness in the office affect productivity and staff morale, it can cost you money as a business owner and leave you prone to these infectious bugs yourself!

South West Cleaning understand the need for hygienic practices in the workplace to reduce the likelihood of the spread of disease and infection amongst your staff and use professional methods and non-toxic, effective products to ensure your workplace is sanitised and clean. Whether you wish to get a deep clean at the start of the season or an ongoing, regular cleaning arrangement to keep the area fresh and hygienic all winter long, South West Cleaning will tailor a service to suit you.

Professional cleaning services can reduce the spread of infection in your workplace by:

  • Sanitising and Cleaning Work Surfaces
  • Deep Cleaning Carpets and Tiles
  • Removing Mould and Allergens

Sanitising and Cleaning Work Surfaces

Cleaning the surfaces that your workers use every day is the best deterrent for germs. By extensively cleaning the bench tops, sinks, desks and other common surfaces, South West Cleaning can eradicate a significant amount of bacteria that spread disease, not to mention leave your office smelling fresh and clean.

carpetDeep Cleaning Carpets and Tiles

A startling amount of mould, bacteria, allergens and excessive dirt and moisture accumulates in the flooring of your office. Deep cleaning the carpets removes both the bacteria and the smell, whilst steam cleaning tiles sanitises the surface and decreases the growth of mould and germs in the grout.

Removing Mould and Allergens

Professional cleaners are employed to get into the nooks and crannies of your office; the window sills, the exhaust fans, behind the toilets and all the damp and dark areas that mould and allergens love to breed. These bacteria-beds breed viruses and infections, as well as exasperate existing conditions, but can be easily removed by professional cleaning tools and products.

Does Your Office Need A Deep Clean To Get Rid of Winter Bugs?

Call South West Cleaning today. Extensively experienced in all areas of antibacterial treatments and general office cleaning, South West Cleaning have the expertise and equipment to get your office cleaning done quickly and cost effectively. Call Diann on 9721 7486 today for your free quote.