Keeping Carpets Clean with South West Cleaning


office carpetThe floor of your office space is the largest surface area and is used daily by all of your employees. Whilst it can be a forgotten feature of your work space, your carpet needs to be maintained to avoid smells and unsightly stains that can deter customers and make your office appear unprofessional. First impressions are important for your business and you only get one chance at making a first impression.

Over a period of time, dirty shoes, equipment spills, animal stains and general traffic over office carpets will make them look faded and a home for dust mites and other nasties. Preventive measures have a notable role in keeping your carpets in optimal condition and avoid potential damage. South West Cleaning have all the correct equipment and products to ensure your carpet is deep cleaned to maintain a consistent high standard in your office.

Consistent maintenance and care is easy and convenient with South West Cleaning and their discreet, professional services that are undertaken outside of office hours. Some preventative measures that can be taken to protect your clean office carpet include:

  • Rugs and Mats
  • Office for Work, Kitchen For Food
  • Scheduled, Regular Carpet Cleaning

Rugs and Mats

Mats outside doors catch the dirt, sand, grass and debris before shoes walk into the room and rugs protect the larger surface area whilst providing a potential interior design element. Mats should be durable but still attractive to incoming visitors and rugs should be chosen to compliment the office décor whilst providing sufficient protection to the carpet.

Office for Work, Kitchen For Food

Promote a food and drink free working environment to prevent spills and stains that can put your carpet at risk of permanent damage, off-putting odours and stubborn stains.

Scheduled, Regular Carpet Cleaning

CarpetClean carpets not only look professional but regular cleaning will protect the indoor air quality, prevent the build-up of bacteria and allergens in your office and remove the strange smells which accompany so many stuffy offices. Booking regular carpet cleaning, dependant on the traffic in your work space, will ensure your staff are notified of when the carpets will be getting done and will remove all the residual dirt and grime which may cause premature wear on your carpets.

Who Can Assist Me To Keep My Office Carpets Clean?

Maintain your carpets with regular deep steam cleaning. Extensively experienced in all areas of antibacterial treatments and general office cleaning, South West Cleaning have the expertise and equipment to get your office cleaning done quickly and cost effectively. Call Diann at South West Cleaning on 0412 270 102 for all your carpet cleaning needs.