Maintaining Your Clean Office

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Have you recently invested in office cleaning and want to maintain that clean office feeling? Or does your budget only allow for sporadic office cleans and you wish to maximise your results for longer? Whilst it is common place for staff to do the occasional tidy up and maintain a level of cleanliness in the workplace, it is the business owners’ responsibility to ensure the workplace is clean and hygienic for their staff and when you invest in cleaning services, you want to reap the benefits for longer than a few days.

South West Cleaning are your local, reputable choice for superior office cleaning in the South West. They can tailor any cleaning schedule to your needs and offer one-offs and routine cleaning arrangements. Whether your office is highly populated by staff and customers or a simple office attached to a workshop, South West Cleaning can perform all your cleaning duties to the highest standard at your convenience.

Some ways you can maintain your office cleaning results after the cleaners have left include:

  • Keep the Office Tidy
  • Keep on Top of The Flooring
  • Identify High Traffic and Problem Areas

Keep the Office Tidy

Keeping the office generally tidy and free from rubbish and clutter can go a long way in ensuring the space looks presentable. If you do not have the time or resources to be mopping floors and cleaning windows, just ensuring work benches are wiped down and rubbish bins are emptied will extend the life of your office clean.

Keep On Top Of The Flooring

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Carpet cleaning and tile steaming are a big job, one that shouldn’t be avoided but can definitely be postponed with vigilance in keeping the floor surfaces clean. A quick vacuum over carpet and sweep over tiles produces cleaner floor surfaces and prevents build up of dirt and grime in both tile grout and carpet fibres. Discouraging muddy work boots and footwear is also a good tip to avoid flooring damage.

Identify High Traffic and Problem Areas

When you can identify the areas that your staff and customers frequent, you can make sure these areas are tidy and clean before worrying about the unseen areas. Problem areas such as bathrooms or kitchens can be identified and designated to office cleaners when you do get them in.

Who Can Help Me With My Office Cleaning In Bunbury?

South West Office Cleaning are the company to call when you require a regular cleaning arrangement or just the odd deep clean to maintain hygiene and get into those tricky spots in your office. With a reputation for reliability and superiority in their results, South West Cleaning will ensure you are satisfied with you clean every time. Call Diann on 9721 7486 today to arrange a free quote.