Minimise The Risk Of Falls In Your Workplace

Mopping in an Office

Vinyl floor strip and seal jobWhen you think of an employee or visitor having an accidental fall in a workplace, you don’t relate the risk being reduced by hiring the services of a commercial cleaner. However, this can be true. There are many reasons why trips and slips occur in workplaces. One common cause is clutter and items being placed where they shouldn’t be. However, have you ever considered how your workplace floors can increase the risk of falls?

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a commercial cleaner to clean your workplace floors can help to minimise the risk of falls: 

  • Cleaning equipment suitable to the weather
  • Correct cleaning products for your flooring
  • Clean tools and equipment

Cleaning Equipment Suitable To The Weather

Commercial cleaners have the expertise and experience to know the correct cleaning equipment to use through the seasons. High traffic areas in workplaces like entrances, staff rooms and bathrooms are more prone to a build-up of dirt. When the winter rains arrive, add water being walked through workplace floors and the dirt turning into mud. Yuck! When this occurs, the chance of slips can increase. Professional cleaners know which floor mops and equipment are best to use during winter to ensure any excess water and mud is removed.

The dry heat of summer can see extra dust and sand settle on flooring. This can cause floors to become slippery which in turn can increase the risk of falls. One way to help minimise this risk is by using the correct floor cleaning tools and equipment that will attract and pick up all the tiny particles of dust and sand.

Correct Cleaning Products For Your Flooring

While most workplace floors are sealed, making them less slippery, unless sealed correctly using the correct cleaning product suited to the type of floor the sealing can be ineffective. In fact, some cleaning products even reactivate with water making flooring more slippery. If you are not using the services of professional cleansers, it is commonly assumed using a general floor cleaner will be suitable, however this is not always the case. There are specific cleaning products for specific flooring. Using the one best for your workplace floor can help to minimise the risk of falls.

Clean Tools And Equipment

It may sound cliché, but for cleaning tools and equipment to be effective, they must be cleaned regularly too. When it comes to minimising the risk of falls, floor cleaning tools such as mops must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly otherwise you may just be pushing dirt around the floor. Cleaning tools and equipment should also be replaced regularly to ensure their effectiveness too.

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