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Minimising the Spread of Germs in Your Office

Window cleaningMaintaining a healthy workplace is essential to ensure the health, safety and productivity of employees. While it’s great to share your expertise, a trip to the coffee shop or after work drinks with co-workers, one thing you don’t want co-workers to share are germs. Due to the close proximity of workstations and shared communal spaces, germs can easily spread from one employee to another in an office.

Beyond regular routine cleaning by a professional cleaning company, there are many actions and precautions that can be taken, by employees and business owners, to help minimise the spread of germs in an office. Read on to learn 3 of these including:

  • Stay home if you’re unwell
  • Promote and practice good hygiene
  • Ensure surfaces, supplies and equipment is cleaned properly

Stay home if you’re unwell

The most obvious way to help minimise the spread of germs in your office is to stop them entering the workplace. Encourage employees to stay home if they are unwell. If an employee does come to work and is visibly sick, encourage them to go home and return only when healthy again.

Promote and practice good hygiene

Good hygienePromoting and practicing basic hygiene will go a long way to help minimise the spread of germs. Have items such as hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes on hand for employee use. Ensure office kitchens and bathrooms are stocked with good quality hand washes, soaps and detergents. Ensure as supplies run low, they are replenished. Avoid having hand towels and tea towels in communal areas and opt for hand towels that can be thrown away instead.

Ensure surfaces, supplies and equipment is cleaned properly

While routine cleaning can certainly help to minimise the spread of germs, it is important to ensure surfaces and equipment are disinfected to be cleaned properly. Surfaces such as desks, benches, tables, sinks, toilet vanities and basins are the obvious places to clean however don’t forget office supplies and equipment too. Supplies and equipment such as staplers, hole punches, keyboards, phones and printers should all be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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