Office Bathrooms- A South West Cleaning Specialty

BathroomThe office bathroom and toilet is a critical area of your workplace, yet it is often overlooked as it’s more of a ‘get in and get out’ area. Staff may frequent the bathroom and toilet but do not congregate here, unlike kitchens or meeting rooms, and nobody has the time, or desire, to be scrubbing the office amenities. Your staff are not employed to clean the communal toilets and can turn understandably hostile and resentful if they are expected to do so, or to put up with unhygienic bathroom facilities whilst people argue about who’s job it is to rectify them.

South West Cleaning can solve all your office bathroom cleaning woes with regular or once-off cleaning jobs to ensure your bathrooms and toilets stay clean and sanitary. Their years of experience and know-how will guarantee your bathroom is left sparkling, whatever industry you work in, with superior products and practices being their local trademark.

The benefits of obtaining professionals to take care of all your office cleaning needs (and not just the bathroom and toilet) include:

  • Improve Hygiene
  • Save Tome and Money
  • Increase Staff Morale

Improve Hygiene

Wash handsUsing the best in antibacterial, non-toxic cleaning products, South West Cleaning can ensure your office bathroom is hygienically clean, preventing the spread of germs and possible infestation of vermin. Maintaining a clean toilet and bathroom environment will not only promote hygiene practices, it will result in less sick days from infection and germ spread.

Save Time and Money

You, as a business owner, do not have time to be cleaning your workplace bathrooms and toilets. Save the labour hours and commission South West Cleaning to do the job; we come in after hours to minimise disruption to your staff and productivity. You save money on cleaning products, equipment and staff hours whilst South West Cleaning provide the most efficient cleaning methods to ensure you get the most value for your money.

Increase Staff Morale

South West CleaningStaff who are asked to clean when that isn’t their job may become resentful, especially when it comes to scrubbing toilets. A clean office kitchen and bathroom not only increases staff morale, it provides the basic standard of a clean, hygienic amenity for your staff.

Who Can Help Me With My Office Kitchen Cleaning Needs?

South West Cleaning is your local, reliable choice in office cleaning in the South West. Using the highest standards in both non-toxic products and superior cleaning practices, Diann and her team will ensure your office toilets and bathrooms, and surrounds, will provide the perfect environment for productivity and staff comfort. For more information or to discuss your specific cleaning needs, call South West Cleaning today on 9721 7486.