Office Vacate Cleaning – Why You Should Hire A Professional Cleaner?

OfficeIs your business booming and you are needing an upgrade in office space? Have you outgrown your existing office and are moving up in the big world of commercial space tenancy? Moving space can be an exciting, yet stressful time and you don’t want to add unnecessary pressure to yourself, or your co-workers when it comes to cleaning the property you are vacating.

Whilst it is common place for staff to do the occasional tidy up and maintain a level of cleanliness in the workplace, office vacate cleans involve industrial equipment and extras such as carpet and window cleaning to ensure the property is acceptable to hand back to the owner.

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The main reason to always high a professional to carry out your office vacate clean include:

  • Getting Your Bond Back
  • Leaving It Nice For The Next Tenant
  • Saving Time, Manpower and Money.

Get Your Bond Back

You paid a significant amount in a bond to lease your office space and, you will want to get your bond back. Investing in a professional cleaning company who can utilise all their expertise and equipment to ensure the property is left as clean and functional as possible will give you the best possible opportunity to meet the vacate cleaning requirements of your lease contract.

Leave It Nice for The Next Tenant

You expect the property you are moving into to be clean and functional and so do the tenants that will be moving into your old space. Extend the courtesy and ensure the property is left spotless and ready for occupation and you will ensure a great rapport, if you require it, with the next tenants, or just a good feeling that you assisted in the next tenants transition into a space you have grown out of.

office cleanSave time, manpower and money

Your staff are not cleaners and should not be expected to have the knowledge or the capability to clean a commercial space to vacate standards, and neither should you. Save time doing it yourself and money paying your staff for extra hours doing a job they are not trained to do and bring the professionals in to get it done in a fraction of the time.

Office Vacate Cleaning – Where to find a Professional Cleaner?

South West Cleaning, we are commercial office cleaners.

Commercial vacate cleans are a specialised task that is most effectively achieved by skilled cleaners who take pride in a job well done. The team at South West Cleaning are not only excellent at their trade; they are passionate about delivering the best service to you. Call Diann at South West Cleaning today on 9721 7486 today for a free quote on your commercial cleaning needs.