Create a Positive First Impression by Having Your Office Professionally Cleaned

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Create a Positive First Impression by Having Your Office Professionally Cleaned

There are many factors that contribute to creating a positive first impression in your office. While making eye contact, a warm smile and good customer service gives a great first impression, the overall appearance of your office will also be a big influence. People associate cleanliness and neatness with professionalism. Maintain your level of professionalism by having your office professionally cleaned by South West Cleaning.

Read on to learn how having your office professionally cleaned will help create a positive first impression including:

  • Clean Floors
  • Sterile Bathrooms
  • Clean and Fresh Smell

Clean Floors

The floors in an office are walked over all day, every day. They become home to dirt and debris plus crumbs, drips and spills. Whether your office has hard floors such as tiles or floorboards, carpet or a combination of both, keeping them clean is imperative. A simple vacuum or wash isn’t enough. Hard floors require professional cleaning that will maintain their colour and shine while carpets require deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and stains.

Sterile Bathrooms

Many offices have public bathrooms, also known as restrooms, for customer use. When it comes to bathrooms, keeping them clean is not only important for them to look good, but to ensure they are sterile. South West Cleaning will ensure your office bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly with the correct cleaning products. Toilets and urinals need to be cleaned and sanitised which is a job best left to professionals with the knowledge and equipment to ensure they are sterile, keeping the spread of germs to a minimum.  

Clean and Fresh Smell

Having your office professionally cleaned will help to eliminate odours that can accumulate in an office. These odours can be from smokers, debris, food prepared or heated in the kitchen plus body odours. A pleasant smell can trigger positive emotions and feelings, making your office appealing to customers and comfortable for employees. Good ventilation will keep fresh air flowing through an office too plus fragrance reeds or a bunch of fresh flowers can help to maintain a clean and fresh smell.

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