Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaner

office suppliesThe workplace is an establishment that is a high traffic area and can harbour some nasty airborne pathogens that can settle on your furniture and fixtures.

Choosing a commercial cleaner has many benefits for the health of your staff and the environment of your business. A cleaning service is fantastic for the surface cleaning requirements, bacteria can still be building in your furniture fabrics, window fixtures and lying deep into carpets causing allergens and pollutants for staff to breathe so you need to make sure you are having these areas professionally cleaned to reduce any risk.

The best way to maintain an Environmentally Clean Office space:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Chair Cleaning
  • Strip and Seal Vinyl Floors
  • Floor Buffing and Polishing
  • Offices / Common Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms / Lunch Rooms
  • Toilets

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a large surface area of the office space and when dirty from stains or smell, this is not very inviting to your customers. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning will maintain the appearance and keep your air fresh and clean removing any bacteria build up in the carpet.

office chairsChair Cleaning

Whether or not chairs are a hard surface or covered in fabric are subjected to dirt, dust grime and bacteria. It is good practice getting these surfaces cleaned with antibacterial treatments to protect for all future contact.

Strip and Seal Vinyl Floors

As floors age they lack that beautiful lustre they once had and can show a traffic area path. Strip and Sealing your vinyl floors will not only give it a wonderful new look but will also make the surface easier to clean making it last longer and protects from scratches and abrasions.

Offices and Common Rooms

Even when the offices and common rooms may get a regular surface clean it is important to follow up with a scheduled commercial clean ensuring all fixtures and furniture items are given that extra attention to maintain a sanitary, healthy environment for your staff.

Meeting and Lunch Rooms

Meeting and lunch rooms are rooms that have a regular turnover of traffic and are areas that have a high risk of spills due to drinks and food. These spaces need to be cleaned regularly plus have a routine deep clean to maintain a high hygienic standard that will keep these facilities safe from bacteria.

Floor Buffing and Polishing

Mopping in an OfficeFloor buffing and polishing removes accumulated build up of dirt and will protect the flooring from moisture and liquids that can cause your floor surface to buckle. Well kept floors offers protection from slips and falls, plus an added bonus of giving a nicely presentation to the area ready for your staff and customers.


Bathrooms and toilets can be the most overlooked area of your office. Toilets that are not kept clean and tidy are not only a health hazard they are not good for your office’s morale. No one wants to use facilities that are not up to scratch and if issues of cleanliness and hygiene become apparent the increase in your sick leave rate will be noticeable. From the bottom to the top, inside and out the easiest way to protect yourself is to get a commercial cleaner in to maintain your bathroom and toilet areas.

Does Your Office Need a Commercial Clean?

South West Cleaning will work with you and tailor a service specifically to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a regular weekly or fortnightly clean, a quarterly clean to help your staff with their regularly cleaning duties or a commercial vacate or once a year spring clean South West Cleaning Bunbury has you covered.

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