Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

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Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

As the situation around the Coronavirus continues to develop, many workplaces now have staff working from home or have temporary closed. As devastating as this is, it is what is needed to protect our community and keep everyone safe by staying home (except for essentials)

Although a workplace may be empty or have very limited staff, it is important it is still cleaned and sanitised regularly. Scheduled regular cleaning and sanitizing helps to eliminate germs and bacteria however, the change of season is also a good time to arrange a ‘seasonal cleaning’ of your workplace to effectively clean those places often forgotten.

Read on to learn 5 places in a workplace to have ‘seasonally cleaned’ including:  

  • Walls
  • Air Vents
  • Windows
  • Chairs
  • Skirting Boards


Dirt, debris and fingerprints accumulate on walls, resulting in them looking dirty or stained. A regular thorough wash of walls will remove the dirt you can and can’t see. Knowing how to clean a wall is important to ensure it is done properly and no water marks are left. Cleaned walls will keep your workplace looking fresh and bright.

Air Vents

Dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens settle and accumulate in air vents. Dirty air vents decrease the air quality in your workplace.  If not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, mould and mildew can begin to grow, and nasty odours circulate through your workplace.


Commercial cleaningDirt and debris can build up on windows, windowsills and window frames. Depending on the industry you work in, windows can become stained with paint any other substances. Professional cleaners have the knowledge of the best cleaning solution to clean your workplace windows to ensure they are cleaned properly with a smudge and streak-free finish.  A clear, transparent window will allow more natural window to enter your workplace too.


Chairs are made from different types of materials, with some materials providing the ideal place for dust mites to hide and breed. Whether your workplace chairs are fabric, plastic or wooden they should also be cleaned regularly. To clean a chair thoroughly, it involves not only vacuuming or wiping off dirt and dust but using a cleaning solution to clean the chair including the legs, arms and wheels too.

Skirting Boards

Cleaning skirting boards will not only make your workplace cleaner but look fresher and brighter too. Skirting boards become home to a build up on dust and dirt. To be cleaned thoroughly they should be dusted then washed with a cleaning solution. If skirting boards are stained, a different cleaning solution and a scrubbing brush may be needed to tackle tough stains.  

Who Can Seasonally Clean my Workplace in Bunbury and the South West?

South West Cleaning is your local, reliable choice in commercial cleaning in Bunbury and the South West. Using the highest standards in both non-toxic products and superior cleaning practices, they will ensure your workplace is professionally cleaned, providing the perfect environment for productivity and staff health, safety and comfort.

For more information or to discuss your specific cleaning needs, call Michael and the team at South West Cleaning today on 0412 270 102.