Should I Have my Workplace Floors Stripped and Sealed?

Should I Have my Workplace Floors Stripped and Sealed?

Workplace floors bear the brunt of foot traffic day in and day out resulting in a build up of dirt, sand and debris being left behind. For carpeted floors, a daily vacuum keeps them clean and a regular shampoo provides a deep clean while removing any stains. For hard flooring, a daily sweep and regular mop keeps them clean, but what is the best way to remove stains? To remove stains, plus protect their longevity, it’s a great idea to have hard flooring professionally stripped and sealed regularly.

When deciding to have your workplace floors professionally stripped and sealed, it’s important to know there are other advantages in addition to removing stains including:

  • Restore the colour
  • Increase the shine
  • Prevent damage

Restore the colour

A well-used floor won’t take long to lose its colour. A floor that was once white can soon begin to look dull and dirty, even when clean. After being stripped and sealed, the original colour of the floor can be restored, making it look like new again. For many industries, such as catering and hospitality, a floor that has recently been stripped and sealed provides the feeling of the area being clean and sterile too.

Increase the shine

After having your workplace floors stripped and sealed, a higher and more even shine will be noticeable. Depending on the industry, a floor with a high shine can increase the prestige of the business. Think of entering a shop, merchandise could look more appealing to customers with flooring that is shiny and looks like new.

Prevent damage

Sealing Commercial FloorsStripping and sealing a hard floor will help to remove stubborn stains. It’s important to have deep stains removed, as depending on what was spilt, some substances can over time wear away the flooring itself. The process of having your workplace floors stripped and sealed will not only help to remove stains, but the sealer provides an extra layer of protection to flooring too to help prevent further damage too.  

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