The Benefits Of Having Your Workplace Floors Stripped And Sealed

Vinyl floor strip and seal job

The floors of a business premises are walked over hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day plus bear the brunt of spillages, dirt and debris. To protect their longevity and keep them looking new it’s important to have them stripped and sealed regularly. The process of stripping and sealing floors normally involves three steps – stripping the floor, applying a base coat and applying a top sealer.

Considering having your business floors stripped and sealed? Here are a few reasons why it’s a great idea: 

  • Easier to Clean
  • Enhance the Colour and Shine
  • Added Protection

Easier To Clean

A floors surface that has been stripped and sealed is easier to keep clean. With high foot traffic comes dirt, sand and debris being left behind. A floor that has been stripped and sealed is easier to clean with a regular sweep or vacuum often all that’s needed. Floors that have been recently sealed will be easier to mop too meaning you can avoid the use of nasty and toxic chemicals to keep floors clean. A mild detergent, clean water and a mop is normally all that’s need to keep a recently sealed floor clean. 

Enhance The Colour And Shine

Sealing Commercial FloorsStripping and sealing your businesses floors will enhance their colour. A floor that was white when first installed can begin to look dull and constantly dirty, however a strip and seal can have them looking white, bright and like new again. A higher and more even shine will be noticeable on a floor after being stripped and sealed too. For many industries such as catering and hospitality, a floor that has recently been stripped and sealed provides the feeling of the area being clean and sterile.

Added Protection

Spills can cause unwanted damage to a floors surface. Depending on what was spilled, a floors surface can become permanently stained or even begin to wear away. A sealer provides an extra layer of protection to flooring. If your floor is exposed to the weather, a sealer provides an extra layer of protection from UV rays too. Ensuring your floor is stripped then resealed regularly is the best way to keep your floors surfaces protected. 

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