The Importance Of A Nice Smelling Workplace


Did you know scent is the most powerful memory trigger? It’s such a great feeling walking into an area that smells beautiful, as nice smell can trigger positive emotions, feelings and even enhance our mood. Keeping your workplace smelling as nice as possible is a must.

Want to keep your business smelling its best? Here are just a few ways how:

  • Display Fresh Flowers in the Reception Area
  • Keep Kitchen Areas and Equipment Clean
  • Encourage Bathroom Etiquette be Followed
  • Ensure Good Ventilation  

Display Fresh Flowers In The Reception Area

Investing in having a fresh bunch of flowers in your business reception area will ensure this space not only looks lovely but smells amazing too. A pleasant smell on entering a business gives a wonderful first impression to new and existing clients. Employees will also enjoy the nice smell as they arrive at work to start their day and if you’re interviewing potential new employees, what a great way to make them comfortable and give a great impression of your business. 

Keep Kitchen Areas And Equipment Clean

Office kitchenThe kitchen area is not only where food is consumed but also where it is stored and heated too. Kitchen fridges can become home to forgotten left-overs and rotten fruit and vegetables which create an unpleasant smell each time the fridge is open that lingers and travels through the workplace. Microwaves used to heat up food can also become victim to spills and spatters of food so ensuring this is cleaned thoroughly will stop the spread of food smells too.

Tea Towels become dirty and smelly easily so it’s best to ensure these are replaced and washed regularly. They can also contain and spread bacteria so where possible have them changed daily or provide paper towel instead.

Encourage Bathroom Etiquette Be Followed

cleaning the officeDon’t assume it’s a given that employees will display correct bathroom etiquette as people’s bad habits at home are often bought into the workplace too. Having fragrance reeds permanently placed in bathrooms plus providing and encouraging the use of air fresheners is a great idea. Some businesses display signs on the back of toilet cubicles reminding staff of correct bathroom etiquette.

Ensure Good Ventilation

On days when the weather permits, it’s a great idea to open windows or doors at your workplace to ensure good ventilation. Fresh air circulating through will help to keep a workplace smelling fresh, remove any odours plus is a great way to make employees feel refreshed too.

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