The Importance Of Cleaning Your Office Phones, Computers And Keyboards

Office Computer Keyboard Mouse and PhoneWhen it comes to office cleaning, the most common misconception is that the main areas of concern are the carpets, work desks and benches and the kitchen/bathrooms. Whilst these areas are definitely important when it comes to efficient deep cleaning, surfaces that are touched repeatedly all day, such as keyboards, phones and computers, can harbour an environment of bacteria that not only can make you very sick, but can build up over time to damage your equipment and even start to smell.

Whatever surfaces that need cleaning in your office or commercial building, South West Cleaning is your locally owned and managed choice, run by professionals who care about your cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-off job or require regular cleaning, South West Cleaning work efficiently and discreetly with your business to ensure superior cleanliness at affordable rates.

Now you may think that phones, computers and keyboards are far too small to harbour too many nasties, but here are some reasons why it is important to clean them regularly:

  • Hands to Surface, Hands to Face
  • Build Up Causes Damage
  • A Clean Space is a Healthy and Happy Space

Hands To Surface, Hands To Face

Multiple swab studies throughout the world have revealed that keyboards, phones and computers had more harmful bacteria than, you guessed it, the toilet seat! Think about how many times you touch your keyboard, then something on your desk, your coffee cup, a pen, your clothing, your chair, your hair, and then back to the keyboard. And then you put your hands on your face, scratch your nose, fix your glasses. And because office computers, keyboards and fixed phones often sit in the same spot, with no ventilation or natural sunlight to kill off some of this bacteria, it lays dormant until you pile more on top of it the next day!

Build Up Causes Damage

Layer upon layer of grime and bacteria will cause build up, which can cause damage to your appliances. Dust and grime gets into keys, into USB drives and actually into the crevices of hand-held phone pieces, leading to deterioration and corrosion of wires and vital connections, as well as restricting air flow and causing dangerous overheating.

A Clean Space Is A Healthy And Happy Space

Nobody likes to use a computer or keyboard covered in dirt and food, or a phone that obviously has facial oils and accumulated muck all over it. Keeping your office space clean and hygienic not only means you ultimately have a healthier workspace, but also your co-workers who may need to use your equipment as well, especially if the computer, keyboard and phone belong to your employer.

Who Can Help Me Carefully And Professionally Clean These Delicate Surfaces?

South West Cleaning carry years of experience in all areas of office and commercial cleaning. They use specific tools of the trade to ensure the job is done right and no damage is done to your office equipment, whilst maintaining a superior level of service and cleanliness.

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