The Importance Of Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Business

Cleaning the commercial space

Spring has certainly sprung in the South West with the sun shining, warmer temperatures and longer days. Spring is often the time of the year we take on the task of deep cleaning or ‘spring cleaning’ our homes or offices, but it is just as important to do the same at commercial businesses too.

Hiring the services of a professional cleaning business, South West Cleaning, will ensure your commercial business is deep cleaned to the highest possible standard. Equipped with all the correct equipment and products with fully trained and qualified staff are just a few reasons why ‘spring cleaning’ is best left to professionals. Read on to discover the areas of your business a ‘spring clean’ can cover and why it’s important to have them cleaned:

  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Walls
  • Air-Conditioning Vents and Fans


Winter weather brings an excess of sand and debris being walked through flooring. This dirt becomes embedded in carpets and grout lines of tiled floors plus stains cement flooring. The end result is not only wear and tear, but a dull appearance too. A deep clean of carpets will remove embedded dirt, sanitise, de-odourise plus renew carpets look and colour. To improve the look of tiles, cleaning the grout will make them look extra clean. A strip and seal of cement flooring will remove any stains plus renew the colour and shine.


Clean BathroomAlthough bathrooms are normally cleaned on a daily basis, they still require a regular deep clean. Dirt, germs and bacteria can build up, breed and grow in bathrooms resulting in a non-sterile and unhealthy environment for employees. A deep clean involves professionally sanitises all surfaces, fixtures and fittings in bathrooms. If employee bathrooms have shower facilities, a combination of cold winter weather and steam creates a moist environment suitable for the growth of mould. YUCK! A deep clean to remove any mould will not only improve the look, but create a healthier environment too.


As the sun enters and naturally brightens rooms during spring and summer, dirty walls become more visible. A spring clean is the perfect time to wash walls making them look as good as a fresh paint of coat. A professional cleaning company will have the correct equipment to reach up the full height of the wall to ensure no areas are missed.

Air-Conditioning Vents And Fans

Most air-conditioning vents and fans remain unused during winter, leading to a build up of dust and dirt. A spring clean will remove this build up ensuring your cooling works efficiently and effectively plus reduce the spread of allergens.

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