The Most Common Office Cleaning Mistakes

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Thinking about office cleaning as a task may seem fairly simple but believe it or not there are some cleaning regimes, that may not be done correctly that could cause a concern in the office environment.

When you would like your office cleaned and maintained a certain way clarify information with your cleaning company you would like to hire and check how the systems are going to work with the staff and general office keep times so that there is less disruption and with minimal fuss.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Cleaning

  • Use of Cleaning Products
  • Only Cleaning Surfaces
  • Windows and Sunshine
  • Scrubbing of Carpets

Use Of Cleaning Products

Overuse of a cleaning product can cause more damage than good, it will cause a product build up that really just attracts more dirt and this can look worse in between cleans. All cleaning products should be used by correct ratios for health and safety to all who use and are around the product afterwards.

Only Cleaning Of Surfaces

Keeping dust particles down is great to allergy sufferers but giving a hygienic clean helps with maintaining a healthy environment that will help with the spread of germs to staff. Communal areas shared amongst staff such as kitchens and bathroom facilities are high contamination areas.

Windows And Sunshine

Cleaning windows in the sunshine dries and chemical on windows too quickly as the windows will be hot and this causes streaking. Best times for cleaning windows is temperatures below 21 degrees or when the sun is not shining on the window surfaces.

Scrubbing Of Carpets

CarpetRemoval of Stains on carpets has to be given some thought as the action could cause spreading of the stain or soaking the staining further into the carpet fibres. Using certain stain removing products could also cause a bleaching effect so best to test in an area less noticeable to the eye first. Contacting a professional carpet cleaner can help illuminate further damage to the area.

Need A Professional Cleaning Company With Expertise And Knowledge?

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