Thinking Of Hiring A Commercial Cleaner For Your Industrial Business?

Vinyl floor strip and seal jobRead on to Discover Why it is a Smart Business Decision.

Many industrial businesses are not convinced they need to employ the services of a professional cleaning company as they have onsite cleaners that take care of day to day tasks. The truth is industrial cleaning is demanding and dirty work. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company will ensure an industrial workplace is cleaned to a high standard, using the correct equipment while adhering to all the necessary safety requirements.

Here are just a few areas of an industrial business that a professional cleaning company can service:

  • Bathrooms
  • Lunch and Staff Areas
  • Training and Meeting Rooms


Industrial workers wear work boots and this footwear can contain residue from lubricants, paints or even metal. As workers walk in and out, bathroom floors end up being home to this residue plus other common dirt walked in such as sand. A professional cleaning company will ensure bathrooms are cleaned with appropriate cleaning materials to safely but effectively remove this heavy-duty dirt. Toilets and urinals also need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised which is a job best left to professionals who have the training and expertise in making bathrooms sterile to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

Lunch And Staff Areas

Most industrial businesses employ large numbers of workers resulting in busy common areas such as lunch and staff areas. High traffic through these areas will result in drink spills and food scraps being left behind. If not cleaned up properly this could lead to an onset of ants and even rodents invading the area. Yuck! To ensure lunch and staff areas are kept as clean as possible, professional commercial cleaners can attend after-hours and give this area the heavy-duty service it needs. As food is consumed in these areas, business owners can be assured that the cleaning materials used are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly plus are stored safely and labelled correctly too.

Training And Meeting Rooms

Employees clothing can accumulate residue from industrial materials too. When employees use training and meeting rooms, this residue can end up on furniture such as chairs and surfaces such as carpets.  Traces of chemicals, petrol or oils can cause the room to smell which makes it unpleasant for the next group of employees to use the area. Professional commercial cleaners have the correct equipment to remove this residue plus remove any stains and odours too. The cleaner the area, the cleaner the air your employees breathe in.

South West Cleaning, Your Experienced And Reliable Industrial Cleaning Professionals

Michael and the team at South West Cleaning are ready to take care of your industrial cleaning.  Locally owned and managed, their team of quality and reliable cleaners has been working the Bunbury area for over 10 years. They have the equipment and experience to ensure your industrial business is cleaned to the highest standard possible. Call the team on 0412 270 102 today.