Tips For A Healthy Work Space

clean officeYou keep your home clean and safe from dust and grime that harbours bacteria, being clean is vital to keep your family healthy and your office space should be no different. Multiple people in a generally confined space means infection can spread and bacteria can grow quickly if your work space is not kept hygienically clean. South West Cleaning are the experts in commercial and office cleaning and can assist you in all areas of maintaining a clean and healthy workplace.

Some tips for keeping your office germ free include:

  • Wash your Hands
  • Throw Your Rubbish In A Lidded Bin
  • Keep Everything In Order
  • Take A Break
  • Maintain A Clean Office

Wash your hands

The simplest way to avoid infection spread is to practice correct hand washing techniques. Keep in mind to do it often. After going to the bathroom, after eating or blowing your nose / sneezing / coughing are all the best opportunities to ensure your hands are washed to prevent the spread of infection.

Wash handsThrow Your Rubbish In A Lidded Bin

The rubbish bin is just for that – rubbish, and although most offices bins contain mainly paper, some food scraps and other germ harvesting materials can cause bacteria to accumulate. Avoid throwing leftover food into your bin and make sure it has a lid.

Keep Everything In Order

Keeping things organized not only results in a more efficient workplace, but can reduce the amount of clutter on your desk and work area. Everything having its place in the office results in less stress and higher productivity.

Take a Break

Overworking causes stress and can result in a weakened immune system. Getting out in the sunshine and the fresh air will not only give your body a stretch and brain a break, it will also allow your body to regenerate cells that enable it to function to its full potential.

Maintain a Clean Office

OfficeA clean office can bring out the best in everyone, however it is not a job for your employees. You employ them to do their job and the expectation is that they will keep their own work space presentable and considerate. You have not employed them to clean the work environment and by expecting this of your employees, you take away from productivity time. Hiring professionals to get this important task completed out of hours is essential to the smooth and sanitary running of your business.

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