Tips To Keep The Office Tidy Between Cleans

CleaningWith life and work being so busy, we can all be a little guilty of having a messy office every now and then. When business is booming, productivity is the main priority and our surroundings can sometimes be ignored, however a clean working space should also be just as important to employers and employees alike, as it not only assists in the increase of staff morale, it has proven to improve efficiency and output.

Your local choice for the best in office cleaning is South West Cleaning. Thorough and professional, their team will perform cleaning tasks to the best of their ability for an affordable price and at a time convenient to you. But for the times between South West Cleaning visits, you may wish to advise your staff on some of these tips for keeping the office tidy.

  • Keep Your Own Desk Tidy and Organised
  • Small Cleans Equal Big Results
  • Kitchens Are Communal Spaces

Keep Your Own Desk Tidy and Organised

In our more digital, eco-aware era, papers on desks are becoming less and less prevalent, yet desks are still as messy as ever. Clear the clutter, bin the unneeded papers and other debris and keep your own desk tidy. Cleaners are usually not permitted or comfortable in moving your work around to clean the desk surface so take care of your own little space by frequently wipes your desk, keyboard and computer with antibacterial wipes.

Small Cleans Equal Big Results

office suppliesBefore you go home for the evening make sure you tidy up your desk, place used cups and dishes in the kitchen, empty your bin and pop your stationary away. This not only leaves things in order for the start of a new work day, it decreases the risk of fellow staff members pinching your stapler or  potentially confidential work information being seen by others.

Kitchens Are Communal Spaces

It’s very common that food is left for weeks or months in an office fridge, with no-one being the wiser until the smell drives everyone to their desks for lunch. Reinforcing that kitchens are spaces for all workers and that cleaners are usually responsible for the surfaces and floors (not the fridge and cupboard content) will ensure everyone does their little bit to stop this highly populated work area becoming a cesspool of bacteria.

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