What Exactly Do Office Cleaners Do?

Diann cleaningAs you look around your office space, you may be fooled into thinking there is not a lot to do in the way of cleaning on a continuing basis. After all, no one lives there permanently, and you are all adults, right? You can keep your workplace clean and tidy? Much like a home, office spaces can get dirty and unhygienic very quickly if the cleaning is left piling up and you will be pleasantly surprised just how much a professional commercial cleaner can do for your office cleaning needs.

South West Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning services that you may be letting pass in your office. Their experienced team works with you to meet your specific needs and delivers the perfect service to suit your requirements. One off jobs or regular services; South West Cleaning provides a professional and affordable service tailored to your business needs.

We offer services from the simple to the complex, including (but not limited to):

  • The Basics: Emptying bins, vacuuming and mopping
  • Wet Areas: Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms
  • Walls and Floors: Tile cleaning and Window washing

The Basics

Mopping in an OfficeAlthough you may expect your staff to take care of these basic cleaning duties, you have not hired them to do so and their productivity will decrease and valuable paid time wasted if they spend it emptying bins and wiping down desktops. From dusting to disposing of office rubbish and removing cobwebs and nests, South West Cleaning takes pride in even the most basic cleaning duties that make an office clean again.

Wet Areas

Often forgotten but overly populated, bathrooms and kitchens can get filthy very quickly. From food waste being trapped in sink holes to mould and grime forming on benchtops and in sinks, these areas breed germs and are not the responsibility of your staff to clean up. South West Cleaning will eradicate these potential germ zones and leave your wet areas hygienically clean to stop the spread of infection and possible sickness.

Walls and Floors

The windows are always overlooked until they become opaque with grime, so why not get them cleaned professionally? And flooring deals with high traffic, both from clients and staff. Getting your carpets steam cleaned not only prolongs their lifespan, it looks and smells noticeably better and steam cleaning tiles ensures a clean look and significantly better hygiene standards. South West Cleaning specialise in chair, carpet, tile, window and glass cleaning, using only the highest quality, non-toxic cleaning products to ensure a superior job.

Who Can Help Me With My Office Cleaning Needs?

South West Cleaning. Extensively experienced in all areas of stain removal, antibacterial treatments and general office cleaning, South West Cleaning have the expertise and equipment to get your office cleaning done quickly and cost effectively. Call Diann on 9721 7486 today for your free quote.