What Should Not Be Forgotten In A Business Clean?

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Office CleaningOffice spaces may look clean as we can’t always see dirt on the surface, and we think that when things are untidy it must be dirty. This is not always the case and many items are touched throughout the day that should always be given a clean with a good antibacterial solution to help in the transference of germs to the next person in contact with that item. Regular items throughout the office should have a concentration of being cleaned and speaking with a professional commercial cleaner, bringing these areas to your attention could be quite an eye opener.

A Great Checklist For The Office

  • Ceilings
  • Light Fittings
  • Air Vents
  • Walls
  • Printers and Copy machines
  • Telephones


You may not look up that often but if ceiling compartments have come away due to access to the internal part of the roof cavity there might be dirty finger prints, cobwebs or dust that has collected and people will notice this if it isn’t looking the best.

Light Fittings

If you have ever pulled a light cover or fitting down due to a blown globe, you would have noticed some lovely insect critter debris and dust that has accumulated at the area or kitchen light fittings could have a greasy film built up.

Air Vents

Located in the ceiling or down near flooring, air vents are subjected to dust, grease and allergens. When the vents are not dust and dirt free air conditioning or breeze can blow this throughout the environment.


Believe it or not but walls are even a great candidate for dust even though they are vertical dust will still attach to the surface. Behind doors is a great collection for the dust too.

Printer And Copy Machines

A great collector of dust and finger prints. Especially high performing models collect the paper particles.


Giving headsets a wipe with an antibacterial wipe or cleaner is beneficial for our health as a telephone is placed to the side of our heads and near our mouths.

Have Your Office Cleaned By A Professional?

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