When is a good time to get a Commercial Clean?

Office laptopWinter is almost over and as the weather is starting to warm, windows are wanting to be opened to bring in that beautiful sunshine and wonderful fresh air from outside.

Time to wash windows, frames, dust cobwebs and show the gleam to your office space.

Everyone has special requirements when it comes to cleaning and South West Cleaning are the specialised trained staff who are reliable with the expertise and equipment to give you the commercial clean your looking for.

Areas Where Commercial Cleaning is Beneficial

  • Cleaning Heaters and Air Conditioner Filters
  • Windows
  • Carpets
  • Flooring

Cleaning Heaters and Air Conditioner Filters

Cleaning your Heaters and Air Conditioner Filters will keep the efficiency of your appliances and will improve the air circulation when windows and doors are kept closed, causing stale stagnate air to be a source for bacteria and germs.


Having clean windows promotes light and brightness in the office and gives a positive feeling. Clean windows can also help with the absorption of moisture that can accumulates through the work space.


Carpets cover a large space in office areas and have traffic of all sorts bought in on them from fine dirt to mud and spillages. Giving Carpets a regular clean will eliminate bacteria and mould and hidden dirt trapped in carpet fibres.


Flooring because it covers a large area in an office, often the corners and behind furniture will get missed. Regular deep cleaning can help to prevent premature wear. Strip and Sealing vinyl floors brings back lustre or Buffering and Polishing this process also offering safety as this process helps with giving flooring grip and offers protection from scratches and scuff marks that can show.

Thinking Your Office needs a Spring Clean?

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