Who can Clean my Blinds and Floors in the Office?

Office blindsSpring is around the corner and this is a great time to freshen up the areas in your office that can brighten your office space.

Blinds and Floors are a couple of items in a cleaning regime that will benefit from having a good thorough clean and booking in with a Commercial Cleaner, they can recommend how often your office space may need this clean.

South West Cleaning is a locally owned and managed business run by people who care about your cleaning needs. Whether your looking for a one off job or require 3 or 6 monthly spring clean.

Reasons to schedule Blinds and Flooring to be Commercially Cleaned

  • Dust
  • Grease, Grime and Soil
  • Scratches


CleaningDust is made up of fine particles of matter from skin to soil, pet hair and is blown around 24 hours a day before coming to rest on any surface in its path. By having your blinds dust free that will give your newly cleaned windows the finishing touch when getting a professional clean.

Grease, Grime and Soil

Grease, grime and soil are some of the elements that finds their way onto your carpets and flooring. By having these stained removed sooner rather than later a professional carpet clean or strip and seal will often bring your flooring surface back to its original pristine condition.


Scratches on vinyl floors can make flooring look dull and patchy and giving your flooring a strip and seal or polish will bring back the shine and with regular maintenance on these floors will help keep them protected from further damage or looking dull.

Want to give your Office the deep clean it is needing?

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