Who Can Clean My Industrial Business in Bunbury?

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Who Can Clean My Industrial Business in Bunbury?

Cleaning an Industrial BusinessIf you own or manage an industrial business, you may be wondering if it is worth investing in hiring the services of a professional cleaner. After all, no sooner an area is cleaned it will be dirty again with many industrial businesses day to day operations involving heavy duty, dirty work.

While the main working area of your industrial business may be where the heavy duty, dirty work takes place, there are other areas of your business that won’t be exposed to these extremes. Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure an industrial workplace is cleaned to a high standard, using the correct equipment while adhering to all the necessary safety requirements.

Read on to learn 5 areas of an industrial business a professional cleaning company can service including:

  • Reception
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Staff Kitchen
  • Hard Flooring


Most businesses have a reception area where visitors report to when arriving. To create a positive first impression and provide a comfortable and clean environment for guests and new potential employees that visit your business, having these areas professionally cleaned ensures it is well maintained.

Meeting Rooms

Most industrial work involves wearing specialised footwear such as work boots. This footwear can contain residue from lubricants, paints or even metal. As workers walk in and out of meeting rooms through the day, residue and dirt accumulate on floors. As most meeting rooms flooring is carpeted the debris can build up and embed deep in the carpet fibres.  


Clean BathroomRestrooms are a common breeding ground for germs. It is recommended toilets and urinals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly. Considering they are used all day, every day by workers a professional cleaning company can do this task after hours when the business premises are vacant.

Staff Kitchen

Staff kitchens are used throughout a working day to make coffees, prepare food, store food and re-heat food. The result, crumbs, splashes and spills accumulating on bench tops, fridges and floors. To ensure the kitchen is hygienic it should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The health of your employees depends on it.

Hard Flooring

Depending on the type of industrial business, hard flooring can quickly lose its colour and shine because of a build of dirt and debris. Having hard flooring stripped and sealed will remove embedded stains and restore the colour and shine to hard flooring.

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