Why Having A Clean Desk Is Important For Your Employees

Clean office

An employees’ productivity, performance, health and well –being can all be influenced by their workplace environment.  No matter what the industry, there is no doubt maintaining a clean desk is crucial. Having a clean desk and work environment can not only help your staff members stay safe and healthy but encourage them to be more effective and efficient too.

Here are just a few reasons why having a clean desk is important for your employees:

  • Reduced risk of occupational health and safety issues with a clean desk
  • A clean environment provides an amazing first impression for visitors and customers
  • Employees effectiveness increases in a clean work environment
  • Reduce the risk of germs spreading through the workplace

Reduced Risk Of Occupational Health And Safety Issues With A Clean Desk

clean workstationA work desk is usually home to numerous electrical items including phones and computers. With all these items often come many cords and connections which can be potential safety hazards. Cords running under a desk can be a trip hazard while cords across your desk (which may be disguised by folders and papers if your desk isn’t clean) are electrical hazards that increase the risk of a fire.

A clean desk will allow you to position your office equipment correctly and ergonomically to reduce the risk of workplace injury (and workers compensation claims.) Work desks with computers should have sufficient available space to allow keyboards to be adjusted to suitable heights and positions to increase employees comfort and reduce the risk of strain. While the floor area around an employees’ desk should also be kept clean and clear of items such as boxes and filing cabinets as these are potential tripping hazards.

A Clean Environment Provides An Amazing First Impression For Visitors And Customers

Did you know within the first 7 seconds of seeing or meeting, people have made a solid impression of who you are? This is also the case when walking into a business for the first time. When potential clients or visitors walk into your workplace there is no doubt that having a clean and well presented work area is more professional and makes a lasting first impression. For many businesses, making the smart investment of having their work place professionally cleaned on a regular basis is repaid to them by an increase in clients as a result of the positive first impression.

Employees Effectiveness Increases In A Clean Work Environment

happy workplaceThere is no doubt a clean and clutter free desk creates clarity for employees allowing them to be more productive, efficient and effective when at work.

An employee with a messy desk may find themselves wasting time looking for items that have become buried under the pile of papers or files on their desk.

An untidy desk can increase employees’ anxiety and stress levels as they feel unorganised and overwhelmed being surrounded by all the reminders of what work they need to get through.

Reduce The Risk Of Germs Spreading Through The Workplace

With winter just around the corner, the increased risk of catching one of the dreaded winter colds and flu’s that do the rounds increases too. Viruses are easily spread from employee to employee simply by working in the same room together so  ensuring desks are kept clean and sterile can reduce the spread of germs while keeping the air you breathe as clean as possible too.

Having your desk cleaned professionally will see a thorough cleaning of not only the desk surface but items like stationery, phones and keyboards will also be cleaned effectively reducing the risk of germs spreading amongst employees.

Office cleaning by South West CleaningMost employees’ eat and drink at their desk and put food items on their desks surface. A build up of crumbs and spills creates an unhygienic surface for germs to breed and bacteria to thrive. Having your employees desks cleaned professionally and regularly will remove these germs and bacteria and in turn reduce the risk of health concerns that can arise from unhygienic surfaces.

Who Can Help Me With Cleaning My Employees Desks?

South West Cleaning is your local, reliable choice in office cleaning in the South West. Using the highest standards in both non toxic products and superior cleaning practices.

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