All businesses have cleaning needs that require regular attention however, some businesses are conflicted if hiring a professional cleaner is necessary. Business owners often assume only industries such as hospitality require the services of a professional cleaner. I mean what’s the point in cleaning a factory or workshop when it’s just going to get dirty again the next day, right? Wrong! No matter the industry, to maintain cleanliness and ensure safety, it’s recommended to employ the services of a professional cleaning company.

South West Cleaning have the experience and expertise offering cleaning services by their team of professional cleaners through the South West. Their team have expertise in industrial cleaning including: 

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Health and Safety Regulations


Cleaning the commercial space

Floor Cleaning

Flooring in an industrial workplace bears the impact of work boots all day long. Sand and dirt walked through flooring combined with dust and debris from machinery and equipment makes for a dirty and slippery surface. On top of a daily sweep or vacuum, a regular deep clean is also required. The process of a deep clean can take several hours and involves the use of heavy-duty cleaning equipment plus specific cleaning products to ensure a comprehensive clean. A task all in a day’s work for the team at South West Cleaning.

Equipment Cleaning

Although many businesses have a clean as you go policy, equipment still needs to be deep cleaned regularly to ensure any build-up of dirt, grime or dust is removed properly. Equipment that is used infrequently, is also in need of a regular clean to stop dust from building up and potentially affecting the equipment’s performance. To prevent damage and protect your workplace equipment and its efficiency, it is important to ensure it is cleaned with the correct cleaning products too.


Health and Safety Regulations

Maintaining a clean working environment is not only imperative to ensure the health of employees, but a necessity to ensure you are complying with health and safety legislation too. Failing to comply with health and safety legislation can not only put employees in danger but lead to your business failing a check from a health and safety inspector.

South West Cleaning, your experienced and reliable cleaning professionals

Michael and the team at South West Cleaning are ready to take care of your industrial cleaning needs. Working as an expert team, they use the best methods, tools and equipment to ensure a comprehensive clean every time.

Locally owned and managed and equipped with up to date equipment, they pride themselves on offering the best quality cleaning services. Contact Michael on 0412 270 102 for a FREE quote today.


Our experienced team will work with you to meet your specific needs and deliver the right service to suit your requirements.

No matter what large or small tasks you need completed – we will accommodate you. We love to see our customers satisfied besides, every office needs to be a clean and healthy working environment – you owe it to your staff.

South West Cleaning will provide you with a professional and affordable office cleaning service giving you peace of mind every time.


South West Cleaning offers a range of commercial services including:

  • Windows Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning / Carpets /  Vinyl
  • Chair Cleaning
  • Bathrooms / Toilets
  • Carparks / Entrances / Entry Ways

Whether you are looking for general office cleaning services, day to day cleaning or ongoing window and floor cleaning, South West Cleaning can tailor a service to suit your needs.


Our team of quality and reliable cleaners have been working in the Bunbury area for over 10 years.

South West Cleaning is a locally owned and managed business run by people who care about your cleaning needs. Importantly, we are a fully insured and safety conscious company with competitive rates.

South West Cleaning can proudly say that most of our original clients remain with us to this day, proving they are satisfied with our hassle free service. In fact new clients often contact us by word of mouth recommendation.

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