Why Is Cleaning Important At Work

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A clean, fresh office space is more than just nice smells, it promotes heath benefits to staff and clients visiting the workplace.

Communal spaces shared by staff are zones not to be ignored when it comes to having a cleaning regime as a maintenance schedule this will help with the contamination of bugs and germs being eliminated.

Workplace injuries can also be avoided by having clean, open spaces and floor surfaces dust and dirt free preventing slips, falls and allergen free air to breathe.

Areas Of Importance With Cleaning

  • Clean Dry Floors
  • Disinfectants
  • Air vents and Filtration Systems
  • Correct Disposal of Waste products

Clean Dry Floors

Having a professional cleaning company maintaining the condition of your floors means that the correct cleaning products will be used for the right traffic areas. For instance restaurant floors can have more grease and grime compared to an office floor space. Using the correct cleaning solution will preserve the life of your floor and protect staff from unnecessary slips due to dirt build up or incorrect solutions being used.


Flu season is usually a bad time for many office spaces and if surfaces are not kept hygienically clean the spread of such a virus can go through an office very quickly, causing a rise in staff sick days which then can put more pressure on other staff keeping work flows going. Correct use of disinfectants to wash surfaces can stop the spread of germs in their tracks

Air Vents And Filtration Systems

Air conditioning vents and air vents throughout buildings harbour dust and dirt that can cause allergies and bacteria buildup. Keeping these cleaning throughout the year will give your environment clean air to breathe and will keep all systems in good condition.

Correct Disposal Of Waste Products

Proper disposal of all rubbish and recyclable items will keep pests at bay and will provide a safe clean environment for staff and visitors too.

When Would You Like To Schedule Your Clean

If you would like to organise a professional commercial clean for your office space, contact the staff who can give a competitive rate with a hassle free service. Contact South West Cleaning for a free quote on 0412 270 102.